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Celebration of Élysée Treaty

After a two-year break due to the health crisis, the students and teachers of the LFM and GESM revived the tradition by meeting virtually last Friday to commemorate the 59th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty.

The purpose of this event was to remember that on January 22, 1963, France and the Federal Republic of Germany decided to put an end to decades of rivalry and to seal a reconciliation, and to promote the Franco-German friendship within the Eurocampus.

The program included an online meeting between the French and German ambassadors, Mrs. BOCCOZ and Mrs. REIFFENSTUEL.

Afterwards, the teachers of the LFM and GESM organized exchanges between the students of the primary, middle and high school. The French and German students were thus able to get to know each other better and create links.

In parallel to this day of commemoration, all Eurocampus students who volunteered had the opportunity to make a European flag star with a photo and some personal information about their future wishes.These stars were then pinned on the Elysee Treaty exhibition wall in the Eurocampus lobby.

A big thank you to all those who contributed to the success of this commemoration!


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