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LFM health protocol

Paranaque, feb 2nd, 2022,

The upgrade of Metro-Manilla to level 2 and the decision of the DEPED allow us to restart the limited face-to-face teaching. As of Monday 7 February, the school will be able to welcome students from all classes. Indeed, for each class, the number of students allows all of them to be present while respecting the distance imposed by the DEPED.

The classrooms are ready, and it is already possible to reserve the canteen. Only the school transport will not be operational immediately, as its implementation requires accreditation of the transport company by the authorities. It should be operational for the return of the February-March holidays.

In primary schools, timetables are returning to the normal rhythm, with classes starting at 7.30 a.m. and ending at 1.30 p.m. The timetable remains unchanged at secondary level.

To learn more about how the LFM will operate starting February 7, click here

This protocol is the result of the reflection work carried out last year by the two schools of the Eurocampus. It was proposed to DEPED during the summer 2021. It also takes into account the new measures imposed by the Department of Education as of October 18, 2021.
It has been validated by the Security Officer of the French Embassy.

The purpose of this protocol is to define the modalities for the reception of students in the classroom. Distance learning will continue to be allowed during the period when local authorities do not allow all schools to be fully open.

This protocol takes into account the provisions common to both GESM and LFM. Its implementation will be regularly evaluated by the CHS (Commission on Health and Safety of the School Community) and CHSCT (Commission on Health, Safety and Working Conditions of the Staff), and will be subject to the necessary readjustments according to the recommendations of the Philippine authorities or the French High Scientific Council as well as our observations inagreement with the Embassy Security Officer.

The protocol aims at presenting the prescriptions put in place for the return of the students and the actions to be taken in case of a COVID situation.

READ THE SCHOOL PROTOCOLE (PDF)  Updated on November 24, 2021
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