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Specialty HLP
History - Literature - Philosophy


HLP: For whom? Why do we need it? How can we do it?

As with all specialty courses:

  • 4 hours in 1ère

  • 6 hours in Terminale if the student retains the specialty.

This course is taught by two professors (one in French Art language, the other in Philosophy) and can be a help for :


  •   The two French tests in 1ère, written and oral


  •   The final written test of philosophy in Terminale

 This course can be chosen for the oral exam!



The H.L.P. specialization is intended for everyone: students who plan to study literature or philosophy, those who wish to prepare for competitive examinations at the Grandes Ecoles or to study law, journalism, political science or art...

In short, it is highly recommended for careers in culture, communication and teaching.

The qualities expected of H.L.P. students are: curiosity, a taste for reading and writing, an analytical mind, and a desire to carry out projects.


- To acquire solid elements of general culture through the study of great authors and thinkers, great artists, from Antiquity to the present day.

- To develop the ability to think and argue, both in writing and orally, by relating the ideas of the past to those of today: past, present and future are always called upon in H.L.P. courses.

Themes covered in Première :


  •     The powers of speech


  •     Representations of the World

Topics covered in Terminale :

  •     The search for oneself


  •     Humanity in question

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