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Eurocampus - French International School of Manila

Located in a green and airy setting, far from the pollution of the city, the Lycée français de Manille brings together an inter-cultural community of families composed of 34 different nationalities.


Created more than 40 years ago, the Lycée Français de Manille (LFM), integrated into the heart of the network of French schools abroad (AEFE), promotes academic excellence while developing autonomy, curiosity and openness. It helps to educate the citizens of tomorrow's world by guaranteeing them an open and structured education.


The school relies on this dynamic network to train its teachers and to develop itself.


The Lycée's educational project focuses on several areas: mastery of the French and English languages, multilingualism, learning information and communication technologies, education for health, citizenship and sustainable development, individualized support for students and assistance in building their personality.

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Today, the LFM is one of the recognized international schools in the city of Manila.  It offers schooling from the age of two and accompanies students until they obtain the baccalaureate, sesame, and then studies not only in France, but more widely throughout the world.


The LFM has nearly 350 children, most of them bilingual, of 34 different nationalities. Four languages are taught (French, English, German and Spanish): Europe continues to be built in Manila!


In line with Franco-Philippine relations, the Lycée Français de Manille is in a growth phase, illustrated by the constant growth of its staff and the implementation of an ambitious program to renovate and extend its premises.



Today, choosing the French high school in Manila for a family also means giving your children the best assets for the future, whether in terms of academic, linguistic or personal development.

Continuously developing thanks to the energy and skills of all, the LFM brings together a community of parents and teachers who work to ensure that the school is a living place of learning, exchange and development for every child.

Our establishment project

The Lycée Français de Manille, a registered school of the A.E.F.E. network (Agence pour l'enseignement français à l'étranger), promotes academic excellence, critical thinking and autonomy for students from diverse linguistic and geographical backgrounds.
It develops a progressive and coherent curriculum from kindergarten to high school. The innovative pedagogies implemented promote the commitment, success and development of all students.

As part of the dynamic of the Asia-Pacific region of the AEFE and Eurocampus, the Lycée français de Manille has a project that is very strongly open to the international arena. Cultural dialogue with the Philippines and access to multilingualism for all students are two essential axes.
Cultural and artistic education, physical and sports education, education for living together and education for sustainable development also contribute to making students at the Lycée Français de Manille future sensitive and thoughtful, responsible and committed citizens of the world.

Focus on the PRESCHOOL

The LFM kindergarten is a priority for the development of the Eurocampus. The opening of a kindergarten annex of the Lycée Français de Manille in Makati started in September 2019 but was interrupted a few months later due to the pandemic.
This annex is temporarily closed. No reopening is planned for the year 2022-2023.

French kindergarten is now internationally recognized, it allows millions of children to flourish, grow and take their first step in the school of living together.

The kindergarten of the French International School in Manila is now a guarantee of a good start in an education program, particularly through bilingual learning, with about 80% of teaching in French and 20% in English. It is also a quality educational team and a good number of extracurricular activities (dance, cooking, football, plastic arts, basketball, taekwondo).

Bienvenue ! Welcome ! Mabuhay !

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