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The LFM Authorities



Participants : 5 representatives of the administration / 4 elected teacher representatives / 1 elected staff representative / 3 elected parent representatives / 2 elected student representatives  

Frequency : Once a quarter

The Governing Board is the main body that regulates the affairs of the institution. It is responsible for first and second level classes.

The School Council is responsible for pedagogical and educational matters.

In particular, it adopts: the school project, the school's internal regulations, the timetable and calendar for the school year

It is composed of representatives of the administration and staff of the school, as well as representatives of parents and students.



Participants : Principal / Director of primary / Teachers primary / 9 representatives of the parents 

Frequency : Once a Quarter

It is within the School Council that the internal regulations of the establishment for the 1st degree part are drawn up.

The school project for its 1st degree part, whose pedagogical part is based on the proposals of the pedagogical teams, is adopted by the School Council.

The School Council is consulted for its opinion on all questions relating to the functioning and life of the school, in particular on:

  • Pedagogical structures,

  • The organization of time and the school calendar,

  • the activities of associations and clubs operating within the establishment,

  • The schooling conditions of disabled children, taking into account local constraints,

  • the functioning and quality of school life, health and safety conditions, in and out of school,

  • The principles of choice of teaching materials and tools,

  • Questions relating to the reception and information of parents of pupils and the general arrangements for their participation in school life.

  • The School Council shall draw up its own rules of procedure.

Last minutes of meeting: Last minutes of meeting: 

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