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ICE Culinary Registration Form

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EIS pre-order manual 

Due to the current health situation in the Philippines, school lunch service is temporarily suspended. The information on this page provides an overview of the service offered in normal operation. We will update this information as soon as the health restrictions are lifted. Thank you for your understanding.


The catering service is entrusted to ICE Culinary, a private external service provider selected via specifications that comply with strict hygiene and dietary requirements.


Meal monitoring and menu development are carried out within the framework of the Eurocampus. Families must register and fund their accounts in advance.

For their meals at the LFM, students have several options :


The meal trays

The trays, ordered and paid for in advance, are prepared the same morning. Children are served at the table.

This option is strongly recommended for primary school students.

The menus are sent by email in the newsletter, and available in the order area of the school restaurant.



The students compose their own meal trays in the cafeteria, and can choose from the daily preparations: meat, vegetables, vegetarian menus, sandwiches, pizza, snacks, cold (non-carbonated) drinks.


Several types of menus are available: continental, Asian, vegetarian, daily menu, as well as a selection of soups, drinks (non-carbonated and obviously non-alcoholic) are available.


Two services are available:

11:10 am: Service only for Eurocampus primary and kindergarten classes.

12h00: Service for the Secondary classes of the Eurocampus.


The lunch Box 


Students can also bring their own lunch in a lunch box prepared by the family. Attention: There is no refrigerator service available for lunch boxes.


Cookies, ice cream and cold drinks are also available at the school restaurant's order area for high school students.


The cafeteria is open every day from 7am to 4pm.


The prices offered for a full meal are adjusted to the needs of the students:


PHP 110: Kindergarten

PHP 110: elementary

PHP 135: college-high school


How to order? 

Parents select the meals and the type of portion served (small-medium-large), and place orders directly with ICE culinary by email at or by contacting JAI at (02) 994-4994 or 0928-603-8531, or directly at the pre-order station of the school restaurant.


Every Friday parents will receive an e-mail with the list of meal choices for the following week, it is then sufficient to send back by email the form and ensure that the family's account is correctly credited.


How to pay?

In cash at the cafeteria cash register.

By pre-payment to the cafeteria order area

By means of the "cafeteria card" to be collected from Ice Culinary.

This prepaid individual and personal card can be used for all drinks taken at the snack bar and cafeteria.


For any questions regarding catering, please contact Ice Culinary: