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Students with special educational needs

The notion of "pupils with special educational needs" is a relatively recent concept in the French education system. This name concerns a large population of students: students with disabilities, intellectually precocious, illiterate, dys...dysphasic, dyslexic, ADD, ADHD...Students with specific or long-term academic difficulties, difficulties in adaptation, social difficulties can also be considered on the same basis.

The LFM school population and care abroad

Like any Lycée Français abroad, the composition of the school population is extremely rich and varied: 32 nationalities, a mobility of its important students - regular departures/arrivals -, very diverse language issues and sometimes difficulties for parents to find the right specialists to provide the necessary help to their children.


The psychologist and the EBEP coordinators are there to spot, alert and help a child in difficulty.

One specialist, two coordinating personnal,

The EBEP Cluster multidisciplinary team is composed with:


The Coordinating Personnal

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