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Vie Scolaire

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Presentation :

The Vie Scolaire of the LFM is managed by the Education Advisor and is composed of two supervisors dedicated to the operation of the LFM and 3 Eurocampus supervisors in partnership with the German school (GESM).

The mission of the LFM's school life is to supervise the school life of both primary and secondary school students.

Philosophy :

Vie Scolairevis open to the whole educational community, students and parents. It is a place of listening and advice that contributes to making the LFM and Eurocampus a place where students study under the best conditions, in complete safety and in accordance with common rules.

Vie Scolaire focuses on maximizing learning times while ensuring that the school remains a friendly place where students feel good.  

Vie Scolaire develops educational projects that complement students' academic knowledge with sports, artistic or civic experiences and training on health issues related to childhood or adolescence.

The role of the Vie Scolaire :

The missions of school life are:

  • Management and monitoring of student absences and delays

  • Supervision of the playground, school restaurant, study hours and supervised homework

  • Compliance with the internal regulations, application and implementation of sanctions

  • The organization of schedules in the event of absence of teachers or changes

  • The creation and implementation of the Health Educational Pathway (within the framework of the CESC)

  • Development and monitoring of the Citizen Engagement Program

  • Coordination of student representatives' projects (Class representatives / CVCL / "Student Council")

  • Coordination and support of AEFE, LFM or Eurocampus events


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Citizen Engagement Program :

The LFM's Citizen Engagement and Community Service Program aims to develop the participation of our students in the life of the school beyond purely academic expectations.

               Presentation brochure of the Citizen Engagement Program and Community Service


Health educational course:

The health education programme makes it possible to explain what is offered to students in terms of health at the school level in close coordination with their territory.

This document prepared by La Vie Scolaire is regularly updated and completed.

It is validated by the CESC (Health and Citizenship Education Committee)

               Presentation of the Health Educational Course

Fight against Cyber-Harassment :

                Presentation Cyber-harassment

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