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International Section and International French Baccalaureate (IFB)

International section in elementary: from CP (grade 1) to CM2 (grade 5)

Middle school: 6ème (grade 6), 5ème (grade 7), 4ème (grade 8)

High school: continuation in 2nde (grade 10) from the start of the 2023 school year.

This international section continues with the International French Baccalaureate (BFI) in 1ère (grade 11) and Terminale (grade 12), the BFI will open at the beginning of the 2023 school year.


The international section is the result of an agreement between the French Ministry of Education and the partner country, the USA.

The specific courses follow a program defined by the partner country.
Students benefit from specific courses in North American literature and culture from first grade to 10th grade.


  • In elementary school, students participate in English-language theater workshops.

  • In middle school and high school, the history program is taught in English with a special focus on the partner countries.

  • In 1ère and Terminale Bac Français International, students benefit from in-depth cultural and linguistic, history and world knowledge courses.



The BFI baccalaureate is subject to additional tests in these three subjects with the requirement of obtaining level C1 of the CEFR.


The BFI allows students to pursue international studies even better than the French Baccalaureate, with the possibility of scholarships in the United States, and also favors entry into the major university schools in France and Europe.

International French Baccalaureate (IFB)

BFI eng.png

For more information about the primary IS, please send an email to Mr. Bruno, primary school principal:

For secondary IS, please contact Mme. Baud, the school principal:

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