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American International Section

Opening at the start of the 2021 school year for the 6ème students.

In september 2020, the LFM opened  its American International Section for its primary students. This program will be extended for the 6ème students at the start of the 2021 school year. It is part of the policy of the directors and the board of management to reinforce the attractiveness of the school. The aim is to offer an in-depth teaching in American-English but also to promote French with the FLE pole while maintaining the excellence of the French-language curriculum. 

What is the American International Section? 

The purpose of the training provided in the international sections is to train students in the in-depth practice of a foreign language, in particular through the use of this language in certain subjects. In the international sections, there are specific language courses taught by qualified teachers who are native speakers of the language area in question. 

An attractive system. 

The International Sections (IS) provide a high quality pedagogical and didactic framework for integrated language and culture education. They are conducive to the construction of bilingual and multilingual skills and develop in students a genuine aptitude for interculturality.

 The American International Section at LFM?

6 to 8 years old: 5 hours of American-English! There will be two 50-minute sessions which will be language acquisition courses, plus three 50-minute sessions in EMILE (teaching French programs in a foreign language). The subjects taught in American International Section would be chosen among the following: EPS, the arts and the field "questioning the world".  Students in the International Section will receive an additional 50-minute EMILE session.

9 and 10 years old: 6 hours 40 min. of American-English! There will be 3 sequences of 50 minutes each which will be language acquisition courses, plus 3 sequences of 50 minutes each in EMILE (teaching French programs in a foreign language). The subjects taught will be chosen among the following: Geometry and Measurement, Science and History-Geography. Students in the International Section will have two additional 50-minute EMILE sessions.

A privileged partnership with Canada and the USA: strengthened relations with North American culture will be established, notably with the American Embassy in Manila but especially with the "American Center" called "American Spaces in the Philippines". Several programs could be considered: American Film Showcase (AFS), American Cultural Exhibitions, Embassy Talks (Mission Speaker Program), Connecting Corners, the "Civil Society Certification Workshop" program, "Go Green" or the "Maker Monday Brainery". Students will also benefit from an extra-curricular theatre activity in English which is included in the program.

An exciting, intellectually stimulating and humanly enriching program!

How does my child access it? 

The cycle councils will thoroughly evaluate the relevance of applications through written and oral tests: the degree of mastery of the English language, motivation, French skills, and the students' ability to handle a greater workload. An additional contribution of 500€ per year is requested. Any new child enrolled in the LFM will also be able to enter the American International Section after evaluation of his/her application.

 What happens next? 

A child who enters the American International Section can by right enter any other American International Section in France or abroad. The LFM is considering the opening of an American International Section for middle and high school for the coming years!




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For more information you can send an email to  Ludivine Champeil, Director of Primary School :

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