The School Project

The Lycée Français de Manille, a registered school of the A.E.F.E. network (Agence pour l'enseignement français à l'étranger), promotes academic excellence, critical thinking and autonomy for students from diverse linguistic and geographical backgrounds (29 nationalities).


It develops a progressive and coherent curriculum from kindergarten to high school and prepares students for the European Baccalaureate, an internationally recognized diploma. The innovative pedagogies implemented promote the commitment, success and development of all students.


As part of the dynamic of the Asia-Pacific region of the AEFE and the Eurocampus which it shares with the German European School of Manila, the Lycée Français de Manille has a project that is very strongly open to the international arena. Cultural dialogue with the Philippines and access to multilingualism for all students are two essential axes.


Cultural and artistic education, physical and sports education, education for living together and education for sustainable development also contribute to making students at the Lycée Français de Manille future sensitive and thoughtful, responsible and committed citizens of the world.


This school project specifies the objectives, expected outcomes and courses of action that should enable the Lycée Français de Manille to fully carry out its mission for the next three years.