Elementary Programs (cycle 2 and 3)

Cycle 2: the cycle of fundamental learnin

The cycle of fundamental learning begins in CP and continues in CE1 and CE2.
Cycle 2 programs promote continuity with the nursery school by organizing the lessons into major areas of activity:


  • French language

  • mathematics

  • modern languages

  • physical education and sports

  • artistic education

  • question the world

  • moral and civic education

Learning in school means questioning the world. It also means acquiring specific languages, acquisitions for which the simple fact of growing up is not enough. Cycle 2 now covers the period from CP to CE2, providing the time and consistency necessary for progressive and demanding learning. In Cycle 2, all the lessons question the world. Proficiency in languages, and in particular the French language, is the priority.

Cycle 3: the consolidation cycle

Cycle 3 includes the classes of CM1, CM2 and 6ème, thus covering the school and collège.
The learning areas are structured around:


  • French language

  • mathematics

  • modern languages

  • physical education and sports

  • the plastic arts

  • music education

  • art history

  • history and geography

  • science and technology

  • moral and civic education


Cycle 3 now links the last two years of primary school and the first year of secondary school, with a stronger focus on pedagogical continuity and coherence of learning in order to acquire the common foundation of knowledge, skills and culture. This cycle has a dual responsibility: to consolidate the fundamental learning that has been initiated in cycle 2 and which conditions subsequent learning; and to allow a better transition between primary and secondary school by ensuring continuity and progressiveness between the three years of the cycle.




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Common foundation of knowledge, competence and culture

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