French as a Foreign Language

At the Lycée français de Manille, multilingualism is an integral part of our students' daily lives. They acquire language skills by switching from one to the other on a daily basis in our international environment. In the classroom, on the sports field or on stage, they interact with teachers, coaches, staff members and each other in English and French. 
All our students are (or are becoming) bilingual in French and English, and many speak at least three languages. This intense exposure to languages and cultures offers students extraordinary benefits for their entire lives. 

What is the French as a foreign language system at the Lycée français de Manille?

The French as a Second Language of Schooling (FLSco) system has been set up to help our students with little or no French-speaking background to integrate as well as possible into the French school system of the Lycée français de Manille.
The courses focus on your child's specific needs and adapt to his or her learning profile. FLsco instruction will be intensive and daily at a beginner level, and is intended to be reduced according to your child's progress. 
The FLSco teacher intervenes in decompartmentalisation (the choice of slots is made according to the priorities defined for the student) and is based on specific programs that aim to promote the autonomy of the children in the rest of their schooling. 
But it is also a strong commitment by the family environment to promote a Francophone environment after school that will ensure the child's academic success. 
In addition to the measures put in place during school hours, it is absolutely essential to monitor your child's progress at home on a daily basis to give him or her every chance of success. It will also be advisable to maintain regular exposure to the French language: extracurricular activities in French, courses at the Alliance Française, evening reading (audio book), viewing of French-speaking audiovisual media (TV5 Monde for example), or stays in France. 

Professeur de FLSco

Jérémy Bray : (room A117)