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The programs of the Lycée

The Lycée

In high school, 3 levels mark the student's schooling:the second of determination, providing a general culture common to all students, while allowing the discovery of new literary, economic, scientific or technological fields,
and the final cycle composed of the 1st and Terminale, a cycle of specialisation in a field (literary, economic or scientific) leading to the Baccalaureate examination.
As for the college, the transition from the second to the first is made after the implementation of an orientation procedure (wishes of the families, opinion of the class council, decision of the headmaster).


The reform of the Lycée: To better guide each high school student and better support him/her in his/her school career.

This reform has been in force since the start of the 2010 academic year; it proposes a more progressive and individualised course.
It rebalances the general and technological paths and series within each path and allows students to specialize more gradually, to prepare their orientation project in a thoughtful way.

In addition to the programmes, it provides for individualised support, a system that concerns all high school students in general and technological fields. This system, which integrates, methodological support, tutoring and further study in certain subjects, helps students to adapt to high school and prepare for higher education.

In the case of increased difficulties, tutoring can be set up to help the student understand the expectations of the system but also to build a new orientation project.




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Common foundation of knowledge, competence and culture

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