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Preschool programs (Cycle 1)

Kindergarten or the first learning cycle

A dynamic kindergarten at the Lycée Français de Manille for young student as early as 2 years old, with the introduction of the ‘’one open classroom’’ in September 2023. Students can choose from a range of activities and explore them independently, while being guided by teachers. The emphasis is on exploration, discovery and learning through play.

The main objectives of this cycle are as follows: 

  • To provide a living environment and organization that encourages autonomy and first experiences.

  • Place students in specific discovery situations that will lead them to build new ways of acting on their environment, essentially through play, verbalization, experimentation with others, independent research, sensory and motor experience according to their own level.

  • Encourage work in directed, semi-directed or free workshops that will alternate during the day according to the learning objectives set by the teacher.

  • Socialization and discovery of the world which form the basis to learn further.

Four zones for four areas of activity:

  • Zone 1 is dedicated to motor activities and sports and is also used for afternoon naps. Musical activities may also take place here as required.

  • Zone 2, "the first tools for developing thought" and "exploring the world", has 3 areas:

    • "Mathematical" activities, linked to numbers, shapes and sizes, as well as spatial and temporal identification, logic, reasoning and problem-solving.

    • Puzzles

    • Science and sensory discovery (experimenting with the 5 senses), which are very important at this age.

  • Zone 3 is a cognitive room covering the "mobilizing language in all its dimensions" learning domain, and is composed of 3 areas:

    • A "fine motor skills" area to develop dexterity and strengthen fingers, to prepare pupils to write (holding a pencil) and to use school tools (learning to cut, glue, etc.).

    • A writing area, with two identifiable zones' one for MS pupils, the other for GS (the skills worked on are not the same).

    • The oral language area, where children can use two interactive boards to review vocabulary related to the lexical theme or story being studied. They can also freely manipulate the materials used during the guided literature workshops, such as marottes, a model or other support to help them practice telling the story.

  • Zone 4 is the last area, mainly dedicated to art and graphics. There is also an area for construction games, and depending on the period, there may also be areas for imitation games or "free creation".

Plan: open kindergarten zones and spaces

Kindergarten Open Floor Plan.jpg
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