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Staff on local contract

The LFM recruits qualified personnel who are committed to the values linked to their membership of the AEFE but who are also interested in the challenges of the development policy implemented by the management committee and the management.


Together, we are building the history of the Lycée Français de Manille every day by seeking academic excellence and contributing to the education of the citizens of tomorrow's world!

We regularly publish vacancies or positions that are likely to be vacant. For teachers, these can be local contract positions or resident positions. For non-teaching positions, these are local contract positions.

This section is dedicatd to local contract positions.

Still some open positions for school year 2024-2025 !

Send your application!

To apply for a job :

Applications should be sent by e-mail to the following address:


Please attach: a resume, an application letter and all documents that may support the application (certificates, copies of diplomas, letters of recommendation, experience reports).
For candidates from the French National Education Department: copies of the last two existing inspection reports and/or minutes of career meetings, copy of the last administrative score, copy of the last promotion order, iProf summary.
Applicants must ensure the quality of the scanned documents and only send files in PDF format. Please specify the following in the subject line: "Application for local contract and discipline" (files must be saved in the format: first name and last name of the attachment).

All positions are subject to a preliminary interview (online possibility by videoconference if the candidate is located abroad).


For each position, we receive many applications, please note that applications not selected for an interview are not necessarily answered.

Recruitment calendar for the September 2024 school year
Candidates are reviewed and ranked as applications are received. If your application is of interest for us, you will be interviewed by the Principal or Head of Primary school. If this step is validated, you will have a second interview with the LFM HR, where you will be able to discuss various aspects, including contractual ones. A 3rd interview may be considered depending on the situation.
Acceptance of the position :
Job offers will be made as vacancies are confirmed and rankings made.
The school will email the successful candidate, in order of ranking, a hiring offer.
The top-ranked candidate has 48 hours to definitively accept the position and return the completed and signed documents that were sent to him/her. In case of refusal or lack of response from the candidate, the school will contact the next candidate who will have 48 hours to respond.

When you apply, you must therefore be sure of your firm intention to come and work at the LFM because the deadline for a response is short.  
The candidate is not definitively hired until the hiring proposal is signed by both parties.

Requirements to enter the Philippines

  • The conditions of access to the Philippine territory are constantly changing. We recommend that you consult the website of the Embassy of France in the Philippines for the latest updates.

  • According to the local legislation, the unmarried spouse cannot benefit from the visa of the recruited teacher and will have a tourist status. This element is to be linked with the conditions of access to the Philippine territory.


The positions to be filled on the basis of a local contract are subject to labor regulations and social laws in force in the Philippines.
A local contract position does not give any right for a secondment for French National Education teachers

If you have any questions about the recruitment of staff on local contracts at the Lycée Français de Manille and the Eurocampus, please send an email to:

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