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The AEFE Network

The Agence pour l'Enseignement Français à l'Etranger (AEFE) is a national public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. It currently brings together nearly 500 schools, colleges and lycées established outside France, in 137 countries, and which offer education in accordance with the requirements of the French National Education programmes.


The AEFE provides public service missions relating to education for French children residing outside France and contributes to the promotion of the French language and culture as well as to the strengthening of relations between the French and foreign education systems.

Thanks to AEFE accreditation, institutions offer a guarantee of quality and excellence in education.

These accredited institutions are bearers of universal values - tolerance, humanism, equality of opportunity, intellectual curiosity, promotion of critical thinking... - and make it possible to follow a seamless education from kindergarten to baccalaureate. 


The Lycée Français de Manille is part of the network of schools of the Agence pour l'Enseignement Français à l'Etranger (AEFE).

All primary and secondary schools are accredited by the French Ministry of National Education, attesting to their conformity with the curricula, pedagogical objectives and fundamental principles of public education in France. Expatriation often involves changes of establishment, in the four corners of the world, such as returns to France. This accreditation is a guarantee of continuity of education.

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