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L'EEFI - L'APE and the Management Board

L'EEFI - European Educational Foundation, Inc.

Organisation Chart

The European Educational Foundation, Inc. (EEFI) is an association under Philippine law with ten members.  It owns the land and buildings of the Eurocampus and is organised to cultivate, promote and develop the education and interests of the members of the European Community, particularly those of the two founding schools, the Lycée Français de Manille and the Deutsche Schule Manila.

L'APE-Association of Students Parents

The Parents' Association (APE), governed by the law of 1 July 1901 as amended and supplemented, is called "Association des parents d'élèves de l'École Française de Manille". 


Are full members of the Association, the parents of students regularly enrolled in the school and having paid the tuition fees.


Comite gestion LFM organigramme.jpeg

The purpose of the Association is:

  • To ensure the management and development in Manila (Philippines) of a school that complies with the standards and methods officially in force in France while meeting the special needs of French and foreign students attending it.

  • To maintain close collaboration between parents on the one hand, and the school's management and teaching staff on the other hand, in order to guarantee the level of education provided by the school.

  • To promote all cultural, recreational and extracurricular activities that complement the education provided by the school by integrating them harmoniously into the life of the Eurocampus.


The members of the EPA elect Seven representatives who are members of the Management Committee for a period of three years.

They meet monthly, within the framework of the Management Committee composed of:

  • Mr Marc PITON, Counsellor for Cooperation and Cultural Action of the French Embassy in the Philippines and Micronesia

  • The elected representatives of the EPA

  • Mrs Eliette BAUD - LFM Principal

  • Mr Jean-Marc BRUNO, Director of the primary school of the LFM

  • Mr Loïc Stoffel, Administrative and Financial Director of the LFM

EIS LFM GESM organigramme.jpeg

Members of the Management Committee

Screenshot 2023-12-08 135926.jpg

The Parents' Association office can be contacted at:



Participants : All parents

Frequency : Twice a year

The General Assembly of parents meets once a year (October), the decision-making body of the association. Each family has the right to one vote. Major decisions on settlement policy are taken at the General Assembly. The presence of the parents is essential.

Le CG -  Le Comité de Gestion

The Management Committee (MC) meets monthly. It includes the following members:

The 7 elected representatives of the Parents' Association (voting members)

  • Mr. Marc PITON, Counsellor for Cooperation and Cultural Action at the French Embassy in the Philippines and Micronesia

  • Mrs Eliette BAUD - Principal of LFM

  • Mr Jean-Marc BRUNO, Director of Primary Education at LFM

  • Mr Loïc STOFFEL, Administrative and Financial Director, LFM

The mission of the Management Committee is:


  • To ensure the proper functioning of the school in order to ensure the quality of teaching in accordance with the official French curricula and the provisions of the texts in force

  • To facilitate close collaboration between parents, administrators, teachers and the French, Philippine and international communities in order to promote the development of the LFM within the EIS.

  • To hire and pay locally recruited staff, after proposal and opinion of the headteacher

  • To manage the school financially.


The Management Committee can be contacted at

Management Committee Working Group:

To facilitate its action and organization, the Management Committee is organized into 7 working groups, each with its own scope of action and contact person:

Finance (contact: APE Treasurer)

Infrastructures & Security

Human Resources



Legal & Compliance

Local Relations

The Management Committee can be contacted via the Parents' Association Office at the following address:

JAC - Joint Advisory Committee

Eurocampus is managed by the Joint Advisory Committee (JAC) which is the joint management committee for the 2 schools with 6 voting members, 3 for the LFM - and 3 for the GESM. The JAC leads the joint actions of the EIS within the Eurocampus. It meets at least three times a school year and takes all decisions on subjects common to both schools. The principals of both institutions, the Administrator of GESM, the Executive Director of the LFM, the Cultural Counsellor of the French Embassy in the Philippines also participate in JAC meetings, without the right to vote.

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