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The LFM : An international School!

More than 40 years after its creation, the Lycée Français de Manille is now one of the city's leading international schools. It offers schooling from the age of two and accompanies students until they obtain the baccalaureate, sesame, and then studies not only in France, but more widely throughout the world.


On the Eurocampus site, more than 650 young people are welcomed every day. The LFM has nearly 350 of them in school, most of them bilingual, of 34 different nationalities. Four languages are taught there, this way Europe continues to be built in Manila! We work daily with the German school to develop, improve and extend the educational offer of the Eurocampus. For a family, choosing a school abroad is an important issue to support their children's future.


French schools are present in 137 countries, choosing the LFM today means choosing to belong to a network of 494 schools around the world. From Paris to Manila, Rabat, Tananarive, Rome, Montreal, and many other cities, it is the international guarantee that you can offer your children the continuity of a school curriculum. Excellence, sharing and influence are the values promoted by the school.


Trusting us means above all entrusting your children to us as part of a well-considered family project; it also means giving them the best assets for the future, whether in terms of academic, linguistic or personal development.


While French kindergarten is now internationally recognized, the academics offered and guaranteed in the French curriculum up to the final year of high school does not fail to live up to its reputation with an international diploma at the end: the baccalaureate.


Choosing excellence today means choosing Eurocampus and LFM.





Jean-Christophe WEBER, 

Directeur du Primaire


The primary school of the Lycée Français de Manille...

A project about the future ! 

The primary school of the Lycée Français de Manille has more than 200 students in eleven classes. There are also eleven teachers who hold a National Education Certificate for some, and experienced in the requirements of international schools for others.

It is this excellence, this know-how that I would like to highlight. Having arrived two years ago in this school to teach before taking the position of director of the school last year, I was able to see how much the pedagogical team in place was concerned with bringing a project to life.

By taking over the torch from the director of the primary school, my wish is twofold. It consists first of all in continuing the work undertaken by ensuring that teachers continue to work in a calm and cohesive manner. It is caring, competence and cooperation that our students need. These virtues are all the more shared as they are experienced on a daily basis by teachers.

My ambition for this school is also to take into account the special needs of students. Sharing values and acquiring common knowledge means providing a relevant educational offer that enables each student to express his or her full potential.


Our project is also the desire to perpetuate the dynamism that characterizes our action.


A stronger cooperation with our GESM partners in order to further enrich and develop our Eurocampus and the relations between the two schools. 

A school that has now entered the digital age and is integrating new technologies by making them available to students.

Projects and outings guided by the school project that demonstrate on a daily basis the investment and involvement of the educational team.


Finally, I would like to salute our students who are ultimately the proof of our success. Seeing them flourish, progress in their learning and invest in the projects that we propose or that they set up reinforces our idea that we are on the right track. It is the students who give our school the good reputation it deserves.

Meet the requirements of French programs. To open up students to culture and knowledge from an early age while teaching them the values of our Eurocampus.

Yes... The Lycée Français is indeed a project about the future!

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