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Word from the Principal

Nestled in the heart of Parañaque, halfway between Makati and Alabang, the Lycée Français de Manille has been welcoming students of all nationalities since 1973. Integrated into the Franco-German Eurocampus in 1991, we will celebrate 30 years of cooperation in 2022.

Pupils from the age of two can join the school. The teaching staff accompanies them and trains them until they are 18 years old (age of entry into higher education) to obtain the Baccalaureate. This diploma opens the doors to university studies in France and in all countries of the world.

Because the LFM belongs to the worldwide network of French high schools abroad of the AEFE, which includes 535 schools in 139 countries, students enrolled with us can continue their education without difficulty and without interruption as if they were in France.  

It is also a guarantee for families in international mobility of continuity in their schooling by offering respected national programs and recognized national certifications and diplomas.  

The vocation of welcoming and accompanying students in their educational pathway remains relevant even during this period of pandemic when students work every day with their teachers by videoconference. The distance learning system set up since March 2020 is just remarkable!

The uniqueness of the LFM is based on three pillars:

1/ The LFM's language learning policy

The school's language policy aims to enable students to master several languages and to make their own choices.  

Beginning in kindergarten, teachers educate students about the culture and knowledge of the Philippines. The teaching of English and subjects in English allows students to quickly acquire a very good level of English.

Non-French speaking students who choose to study at LFM are offered intensive French as a Foreign Language (FLE) classes upon their arrival while already integrated into their assigned class. This personalized teaching allows the student to quickly follow the courses with the other students.

The International American English Section (SIA) provides instruction in American English language, history, geography, and North American culture and literature.

2/ The educational pathway of our students

At the Lycée Français, each student builds his or her own educational pathway.

In 6ème (the sixth grade equivalence), students begin a second foreign language of their choice (German or Spanish).
In 5ème (grade 7th), they can choose to learn Latin.
Then in Seconde (grade 10th), students can choose the Arts option and benefit from in-depth guidance.
Finally, in Première (grade 11th), students can choose from a variety of specialties to build a personalized pathway.

3/ The Pathways to Excellence at the LFM

The high school, through its pathways of excellence, offers each student personalized support in his or her educational pathway.
The Lycée offers students various pathways integrated into the pedagogical practices and activities of the Lycée.
The future pathway defines a program of self-discovery, careers and training from the 7th grade to graduation.
The cultural pathway defines a program of actions within the high school to open students to culture. 
The citizen's pathway trains students for their future role as responsible adults committed to others and to society.
And finally, the educational health program offers awareness and prevention activities to students adapted to their age.

Thus, choosing the LFM for your child is not only a guarantee of a coherent, caring and demanding educational system, but it is also a way to help your child build and develop his or her full potential through the different paths offered.


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