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To help you familiarize yourself with the new elementary school system, here's some useful information.

1. The Elementary School team

If you have any questions about teaching, please contact your child's teacher. Teachers are not available during the school day. It's best to make an appointment for a face-to-face discussion.


For any question relating to "Student Life", you must pass on the information to "Primary Services": absence, late arrival, forgotten equipment, modified departure arrangements, access to the garderie, canteen problems, etc. For any questions relating to orientation (arrival, departure), problems linked to academic difficulties in the field of disability, a particular problem in the classroom or between students, M Bruno is your first point of contact. If you have any questions about your child's health (contagious illness, setting up a PAI individualized care plan), please contact Mme PELLACOEUR (English and French speakers). For any psychological difficulty or unhappiness, Mme PUECH is available every morning from Monday to Thursday, as well as on Thursday afternoons. In any case, if you wish, you can copy M Bruno on the e-mails sent.


2. School timetables

3. Family services.


The nursery is open from 2.00 pm to 5.25 pm and is intended for primary school pupils, while secondary school pupils are looked after by the Vie Scolaire service. An entrance fee of 1000 pesos is required from families when its use is more than 3 times during the school year. If a teacher is absent between 2 and 3:30 p.m., students can stay in the daycare center at no extra charge. Click here for daycare procedures and terms.


If a teacher is absent between 2 and 3:30 p.m., students can stay in the daycare center at no extra charge.


Anne-Cécile PRIET is your contact for this service: If CE2, CM1 or CM2 pupils must stay in the nursery, the secondary school life department can organize studies to do "homework".



The canteen.


Each parent registers their child for this service, which is provided by a service provider. The account must be credited, and the meals ordered. Click here to learn more about the canteen registration procedures.


Kindergarten pupils eat at the kindergarten, with the canteen delivering their meals at the start of the lunch break. Primary school pupils eat pre-ordered meals from 11:00 am. They eat in the canteen or in front of the classrooms for CM1 and CM2 if there is no space in the canteen. Students can bring their own lunch boxes. Lunchboxes are stored in a cool place in the kindergarten, but this is not possible for other classes, so a suitable meal or lunchbox must be provided.




Two service providers provide school transport. Click here for registration procedures for school bus.

3 bus departures at the end of the day: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm
If you have any difficulties with our canteen or transport service providers, please contact Mr Loïc STOFFEL,
Director of Administration and Finance in charge of relations with our partners:



Extracurricular activities

Ms. Aurélie QUESADA coordinates the implementation of extracurricular activities and monitors pupils' arrival and departure in liaison with the primary school department. Activities will take place from September 26 to June 30, according to the school calendar. Set-up is in progress. Click here to find out more about extracurricular activities.

4. Communication



The school has several communication tools, some of which are linked to the PRONOTE school life application. Staff use the PRONOTE mailing lists and send e-mails via this channel. You therefore receive messages whose sender is "SPR via PRONOTE", SPR for Mrs BAUD as supervisor, for example. You can reply to your contact by e-mail, so that he or she is the only recipient. Staff are not obliged to reply to e-mails or WhatsApp messages outside school opening hours (right to disconnect). Teachers respond to e-mails when they are at work, which does not necessarily correspond to school opening hours. This application keeps track of students: absences, lateness, assessments. It is also used for surveys and elections. It is therefore essential to activate your PRONOTE account.

Google calendar.

We have a google calendar that you can integrate into your calendar, click here to access it.

School calendar.

Click here for the school calendar.

Please note that Saturday June 2 and Saturday June 15 are days worked in compensation for Thursday December 21 and Friday December 22. Christmas and end-of-year parties will be organized on these two dates.

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