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On January 8, 2024, the Parents' Association (APE) launched the new free carpooling application exclusively for families attending LFM.


This initiative, which aims to enhance security and privacy while offering a convenient and user-friendly carpooling service to our community, would normally come at a cost. However, as part of our commitment to the LFM community, we are pleased to inform you that the use of this application will be entirely free of charge for all families enrolled at the school.


The main benefits of our carpooling application :


  • Facilitate the secure coordination of daily journeys

  • Reduce transportation costs

  • Reduce environmental impact by optimizing travel within our community

  • Meet new community members and strengthen social ties

How does it work?



Register using your e-mail address to enjoy exclusive access to the LFM Community. Create your profile and start offering or joining travel routes in complete safety - and best of all, for free!

Good to know

The carpooling application will be administered and moderated by parent volunteers from our school. This community initiative is made possible by the commitment of LFM parents who want to contribute to the success of this new platform. Behind this application is Mobicoop, a French company dedicated to promoting sustainable mobility. Mobicoop uses open-source technologies to ensure the platform's transparency and security. This means that the application is based on open IT solutions, accessible to the community, guaranteeing a reliable digital environment.

What's more, to better serve our international community, the app will be available in English, enabling all members of the LFM community to take advantage of this carpooling solution, whatever their level of proficiency in the French language.

Important note on privacy :

Rest assured! Mobicoop does not ask for any payment information and guarantees the confidentiality of your identifiers, and no personal information will be divulged to a third party.

One last word...

This application has been designed with your comfort and safety in mind. Whether you're a driver, passenger, with or without a vehicle, we encourage every family in the LFM community to participate in this initiative at no extra cost, to make our daily commutes more convenient, ecological and social.



Click on the link below to join our carpooling community:  

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