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L'actualité du LFM !

Our latest news !

Saturday January 20, a safe but adrenalin-filled climbing session with our students! Thanks to Aurélie, our extra-curricular activities coordinator, Paul and Robin for a great morning.


On January 19, 2024, the 2nd day of the 24- Swimming Marathon, students from Classes 11 of GESM and LFM participated in a joint activity organized by the Cloud Institute of Sustainability Education. The workshop was based on the so-called Fish Game Simulation, a paper-and-pen-based activity designed to raise awareness of the complexity of human–nature interactions. In a nutshell, students assumed the roles of fisherfolks with their tables representing the ocean. Students played a total of 4 different games aimed at catching as many fish as possible while adhering to various game rules and taking into account the oceans' carrying capacity for fish and the replenishing rate of fish stocks.

How can they catch as many fish as possible for themselves, their group of fisher folk, or for the ocean at large? This query was one of many tackled by students from both schools, who collaborated in mixed groups during the games.

During the debriefing session, additional details of the current state of the world’s oceans were discussed. Students also took the opportunity to share their game experiences and discuss the insights they gained from the activity.

Given the prevailing issue of unsustainability in various parts of the world, we, as educators, must continue to play our role in sustaining the mission of “inspiring people to think about the world, their relationship to it, and their ability to influence it in an entirely new way (Jamie P. Cloud;"

Thank you to Mr Loizeau and Mr Schaffer, 2 teachers who are highly committed to sustainable development issues, for supporting this project.


Te adventures of CP, CP-CE1, CE1, CE2 students! Thanks to the teachers and accompanying parents who made this day possible! Between the planetarium, the interactive exhibits and the workshops a lot of magical moments were experienced!

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