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This October, all LFM students, from kindergarten to high school, on a voluntary basis, will participate in a worldwide art project.

Created in 2006, this great project is called La Grande Lessive®.

It is a bi-annual international cultural event that takes the form of an ephemeral art installation made by everyone: several thousand artistic works are exhibited simultaneously throughout the world for one day.

Why "La Grande Lessive®"? Quite simply because all the works collected are exhibited outside on a wire with the help of clothespins. The principle of hanging clothes is used again as the first modality of exhibition.

For its 30th edition, the theme chosen for October 2021 is :

What if we were all birds?

To fully understand this project, visit the dedicated website:

LFM with La Grande Lessive®.

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For this new school year 2021-2022, the LFM is pleased to offer you its Virtual Play Workshops in Art, Theater and Science for its students from CM2 to 3ème! A presentation of these workshops will be or has already been made in class by the teachers in charge.

A "Teams" meeting to present the Workshops to interested families is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, September 9th at 3pm. A link for this meeting has been sent to the families.


This morning, all the students of the secondary school (from 6ème to terminale) went back to school with their main teachers. The students discovered their timetables, and took note of important documents such as the internal regulations, the new course schedules adapted to distance learning, the computer charter related to distance learning. In addition, the different teachers went from one class to another to introduce themselves, or showed a video presentation of their program.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 1st, each main teacher will meet with his or her students individually, accompanied by their families if they wish, in order to review the computer equipment used at home and the quality of each student's connection.

Classes will officially begin on Thursday, September 2, according to the schedule provided to students and parents.

Have a good start to the new school year!