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International Women's Rights Day

On the occasion of International Women's Rights Day, the librarians of Eurocampus Manila (Lala Gamboa - Lejeune for LFM and Sofia Mangilog for GESM) organized a joint exhibition of women who have made history in the lobby of the high school.

Students from CE1 to CM2 received a quiz on 6 famous women. This was an opportunity for our students to research the actions of these women.

School Life also offered two versions of video-docs for elementary and high school students on Olympe de Gouges, who was one of the first feminist activists in French history.

These short videos of a few minutes have helped to raise awareness of the theme of equality between boys (men) and girls (women) and to remind them of the battles that have been fought and the progress that remains to be made. On this topic, the 2022 theme focuses on professional equality between men and women:

  • the elimination of the pay gap between women and men, by equivalent job category and age group

  • the same chance of getting a raise for women as for men

  • the same chance of promotion for women as for men

  • a guaranteed salary increase upon return from maternity leave

  • parity among the 10 highest salaries



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