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Surf camp, La Union 2023

First day : After unloading our bags and enjoying a good meal, we head off for our first surf lesson. The group is divided into two parts: one for surfing, the other for games and swimming. We end our afternoon with a superb sunset!

Day 2: ''Today, the 5ès start with a visit to the turtle center while the 4ès spend the morning surfing. After lunch, we switch over. The 4th graders discover new turtle-themed activities, while the 5th graders perfect their surfing skills. All the students made good progress. We end the day with a swim. Tonight, we're going to bed early because tomorrow starts at dawn!

Wednesday November 22nd, 3rd day at the surf camp in La Union. Morning at Tangadan Falls . Afternoon surf . Campfire games in the evening.

Thursday November 23: Last day of surfing for both classes today. The ''5es'' enjoy this last session in the morning, while the ''4es'' work on ecology and sustainable development with a little quiz. We swap workshops in the afternoon. Our final evening is spent around a campfire, sharing marshmallows!


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